Grandpa of My Dream



2014, Russia
101 min., col., 1:2.35, language — Russian

Director Alexandr Strizhenov
Scriptwriters Leonid Yakubovich, Arkady Inin with participation from Alexandr Strizhenov
DoP Mikhail Agranovich
Production design Maxim Fesyun
Music Vladimir Davydenko
Sound Nikita Gankin
Cast Nikolai Dobrynin, Ekaterina Strizhenova, Leonid Yakubovich, Anna Ardova, Viktor Suprun, Vitaly Khaev, Ivan Kokorin, Alexandr Dobrovinsky, Alexandr Pryanikov
Producers Leonid Yakubovich, Alexandr Strizhenov, Lena Lichshinskaya
Production Pendulum Film Company

A grotesque family comedy raising the eternal question of how much we are dependent of the material welfare which is suddenly bestowed upon us.
Misha and Masha live in an old house that they have inherited. They are among those who do not feel comfortable in the new reality. They are not enterprising, they do not have a business of their own, a bank account and lots of other things. But that does not bother them. They drift with the stream, love each other, their small house, their friends and accept the world as it is. They would have gone on like that if Grandpa had not turned up in their house...

Director and actor. Born in 1969. In 1974 made his debut as an actor at MHAT. In 1990 he graduated from the MHAT school studio (Alexander Kalyagin’s workshop). He worked as an actor in the theatres «School of the Modern Play», «Satyricon», «Anton Chekhov’s Theatre». Strizhenov’s directorial debut in cinema was in 2002 with film «Falling Up». Other works: «From 180 and Higher» (2005), «Lovey-dovey» (2007), «Yulenka: Deadly Lessons» (2008).