Full Ahead!



2014, Russia
97 min., col., cache, Dolby SR, language — Russian

Director Alla Surikova
Scriptwriter Vladimir Zaikin
DoP Grigory Yablochnikov
Production design Vladimir Filippov, Maxim Shoroshov
Music Maxin Dunaevsky
Sound Sergei Sinyavsky
Editing Margarita Smirnova
Cast Oskar Kuchera, Nikolai Fomenko, Daniela Stoyanovich, Olga Prokofieva
Producer Alexandr Golutva
Production Positiv-film Studio

The nine-year-old Fedia wants to win a relay at all costs. But to do that he needs the help of Mom and Dad because it is a family relay. Fedia has got his Mom, but as for Dad... He finds a father himself. An involuntary cat burglar who chanced to «fly» into his window is prevailed upon by Fedia and becomes «something like a Dad» for a time. This Dad has to run the relay together with Fedia and his Mom, he must overcome various obstacles and eventually win back
the love of his wife. It turns out that Fedia is his real son.

Director-comedian, scriptwriter, producer. Honored artist of RF. Author of idea of «Eralash» children series. Made few documentaries, teaches film directing at Higher Courses of Scriptwriters and Directors and VIPPK, author of idea and president of «Smile, Russia!» FF, Honorary president of «On the Edge» FF. Born in Kiev. Graduated from Kiev State University (Russian language and literature), studied mathematical linguistics. Graduated from faculty of
children film directing HCSR (Georgy Danelia’ workshop) in 1972.