How To Learn Watching Movies

The program «How to Learn Watching Movies?» might have a sub-heading «is it worth doing it?». At the Festival «On the Edge» we have always shown movies which might have been highly artistic and original but did not require any specific cinephile training and knowledge. One does not have to «learn» to watch such films, mere openness and human curiosity are sufficient.

But these are exactly the qualities that many people lack today. The incredible diversity which should ensure a new information space, in reality becomes niche consumption when people watch only the products they are used to. Information algorithms obligingly provide us with links to what we are sure to like, thus aggravating the situation of the information bubble.

So the primary aim of the new program is the broadening of experience, the collision of different styles and genres, the creation of a unified cultural space where unquestionable masterpieces by Jim Jarmusch and Aki Kaurismaki appear next to the Japanese thriller about extraterrestrials and the Belgian comedy with the Balkan accent. It provides enough topics for discussion, we would like these talks after the screenings to become a new tradition of the Festival «On the Edge».

Alexei Medvedev