The Cinema of Sakhalin

This year’s program «The cinema of Sakhalin» is so huge that it could make a separate regional festival. Only a couple of years ago we had to collect this program from bits and pieces, inviting virtually all films made by those living on Sakhalin, this year for the first time we had to choose the most interesting works. Following their Sakhalin premiere at least two films from the program — Alexander Zarchikov’s documentary feature «Cradle for the Salmon» and Dmitry Moiseev’s fantastic short «In the Embrace of the Sea» are awaiting screenings at international festivals. It seems this success will not be the last. During the Festival Sakhalin directors participating in the workshop «European-Asian» will shoot a movie, which we might see at the closing ceremony of the festival «On the Edge-2017».

Alexei Medvedev