Koji Yamamura

This year the citizens of Sakhalin have a happy chance to get to know the works of the great Japanese animator, the Oscar nominee Koji Yamamura. Yamamura is an example of independence. He often took up advertising and commercial projects but for the only reason of securing himself the possibility to do what he likes. And that is experimental animation often without the traditional plot, based on intellectual and plastic paradoxes. His sphere is the shorts as though he does not need long stories, it is sufficient to open a small window onto a differently organized world.

Specifically for Sakhalin Yamamura prepared an exhaustive retrospective of his works, many of which were never shown in Russia. In his works for children as well as in one of the best screen versions of Kafka’s works and the animation version of Erik Satie’s ballet, which paved the way for surrealism a hundred years ago, one can easily discern the distinctive style of the artist, depicting the inner space of soul.

Alexei Medvedev