Miyazaki And Others

The already traditional Festival block «Miyazaki and Others» offers a collection of feature-length movies by Japanese directors including those produced by Studio Ghibli, as well as animation by established masters like Mamoru Hosoda and Keiichi Hara, who won important prominent awards in Japan and abroad.

Central to the present program is the genre of «urban tale», a fantasy genre, popular in Japan and elsewhere, which depicts the collision of two worlds — our usual world and an imaginary, fairy-tale, fantasy one. A key film in this genre is probably Hayao Miyazaki’s «Kiki’s Delivery Service» (1989), telling the story of a charming little witch who at 12 years of age (the coming-of-age time for witches) goes out to live among people and tries to lead a life on her own earning money by delivering goods. This animation tale is popular throughout the world. Recently another screen version appeared, this time a live-action movie. The program includes animation movies produced in the 21st century: the story of cat kingdom «The Cat Returns» (2002), the story of a small kappa «Summer Days with Coo» (2007), a mystic tale about music lessons «The Perfect World of Kai» (2007) and finally a new fantastic film for teenagers «The Boy And the Beast» (2016).

In addition to films for children the program offers a film for grown-ups «Red Turtle» about the life of a man on the desert island. The film was produced with the participation of the Japanese Studio Ghibli and one of its outstanding masters Isao Takahata (as an art director), but it was directed by a Dutch-born Britisher Michaël Dudok de Wit.

Masha Tereshchenko