Assemblage Point

The documentary program as usual focuses on human stories related in the modern, lively language. Those real stories have become artistic pronouncements thanks to the director’s ability to spot them, to be at the right place at the right time and to tell them in such a way that they become our stories. The movies are grouped thematically: there are films about the personal choice, which might be modest or great, but the person makes this choice at a point here and now. Grouped around this point are the possibilities of freedom, self-respect and respect for others and as a result civilized society appears and then the world we live in. The protagonist of the film «Citizen Jane: Battle for the City» Jane Jacobs is called «Grandma of Urbanism», her incredible story illustrates how the efforts of one concerned person can save the entire city. The characters of the movie «We’ll Be Alright» have to make inhuman efforts defending their basic human rights in modern-day Russia. The documentary thriller «The Insignificant Man» takes us to the backstage of Indian politics and relates the story of Arvind Kejriwal, and idealist and whistleblower. And finally comes «Motherland», a subtle and really funny account about the life of the gigantic maternity hospital in Manila, produced by the prominent Brillante Mendoza, a participant of the competition program of «On the Edge-2015».

Natalia Pylaeva